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Things you need to know before selecting a WordPress theme for your website.

The topic is going to guide you with the things you need to know before selecting a WordPress theme for your Website.

You can choose the best WordPress theme for your website after reading the content. In simple words, today we are going to let you know the things you need to know before selecting a WordPress theme.

The topic includes two important words that are WordPress and theme. I think some of you are well known what WordPress is and what the theme is. But let me explain in short to them to those who are totally new to the topic.

WordPress is an open-source content management system that provides us a beautiful platform for website development.

Actually there are tons of incredible features that WordPress includes. WordPress is very easy to use, SEO friendly, has availability of tons of free themes and plugins, big community worldwide, free support, and is updated regularly, is secured and many more.

Talking about Theme, the theme is simply a layout to make your website beautiful and appealing. The theme includes the basic features along with some advanced one that can be used as per requirements. We need to install the theme of our choice from WordPress.

If you need lots of added features, you can go with the premium version, otherwise, free versions are also perfect for the beginners.

How to install a WordPress Theme?

Among the various methods to install the WordPress theme, here I am going to share with you the simple method.

  1. Login to WordPress Dashboard
  2. Go To Appearance
  3. Click on Add New
  4. Search for the theme(Enter the theme name for a free theme here).
  5. Click to Install
  6. Activate the theme

Now, please go to Appearance > Customize to know the available features and customization possibilities from there.

Things you need to know before selecting a WordPress theme for your website

Let’s get started with the things that you need to know before selecting a WordPress theme for your website.

What do we want to achieve from our blog?

Before selecting a WordPress theme for your website we should be clear about our desire. I mean we need to know and list out what feature we need. Then, google the theme so that we can easily install the right one.

Like if you want to start a WordPress blog, then you need to look for the blogging theme.

With the help of Google search for the theme, we can be more clear about what we need and can easily visualize.

What are the functions that we need in our blog?

We must be clear about all the functionality that we need. At first, let me tell you one important fact that will help you to know why we need to focus on the functions of our blogs.

While making a WordPress blog, you need to know is that theme is ready for AdSense or not. Because the ultimate target of your blog will be monetization.

Besides that, if you want to show your post in the form of a slider, then you need to know is that theme has the pre-built slider options or not.

Moreover, the theme you are going to use needs to be perfect on all browsers, responsive layout, etc. Thus, find the theme that perfectly suits your needs.

For the layman users, you need to find simple and easy to use. Because complex themes are really hard to use and operate. Just find the theme that is lightweight, minimal and easy. You will get awesome feedback from the users.

The look and feel

Just imagine, if your website is well functional, however, the look is not perfect. You will lose lots of visitors if your site is not responsive, pleasant looks and compatible with all the types of devices.

It’s hard to make the brand value if your site look is not perfect. Thus, focus on your site look as well. The visitor should get impressed on your site look.

The first impression is the last impression. Thus, try to make the site looks good from the very first day.

The speed of loading

When we are installing a theme we must be clear about the speed of loading. Is the theme is going to slow down your blog? Now you might think how can a theme slow down our blog. The simple answer to this question is the way the theme is coded.

We need to make sure the theme loads pretty fast, faster than 3seconds as recommended by Google. The faster the theme is the faster the site loads. Recently Google has added speed of website too as one of the many factors to rank website on its SERP, so to make our website faster we need to search for fast loading themes.

Review And Rating

Review and rating are the most important factor that will help you to choose the right theme for your Website.

Actually the review and rating can be considered as the backchecking. When we are buying something like a phone or a laptop or any good to ask people about the quality, we google about it.

Then why not look for review before selecting a WordPress theme for your website As we listen to others for good, we must check the review and rating of the theme.

Think Of Budget

One of the most important factors that we need to think of is the budget. Actually the single word ” Budget” can simply vanish your total research and struggle that you have done to select a single theme.

So, in my point of view, we must be clear about our budget.

For beginners, you can go with the free WordPress theme as well.

Watch Out Competitors

When we are starting a blogging website we have 1000 others to win. To stand in the crowd we must be able to handle them. We need to be smart enough to know how can we will win the crowd and go further.

It is said that to win a war we must know the capacity of the opposite party and also need to focus on our weakness. Similarly to best in the market we need to plan from the very beginning.


In this post, I shared with you some of the best factors that you need to consider while selecting the best WordPress theme. There are 100s of more factors that we need to consider.

The above-mentioned lists are very important to consider. I hope you like the post and the content will help you to make a decision.

I hope you will keep on visiting for more such interesting content. You are free to send your questions if any. I will make sure to answer them all as soon as I get them.

Choose the best theme and good luck with your website.

Thank you!

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