SureCart - Best eCommerce WordPress Plugin

SureCart – Best eCommerce WordPress plugin for your store in 2022

Are you looking for a WordPress eCommerce plugin that is clean and bloat-free to sell your digital products? If so, SureCart might be the one you need which is the best alternative to WooCommerce to sell digital products.

SureCart Introduction

SureCart is a headless commerce platform, meaning the front end is completely separated from the back-end management system. This new WordPress plugin manages orders, subscriptions, customers, etc. in the WordPress admin but all the process takes place on SureCart’s server.

The benefits of using SureCart’s server for all data processing are:

  • Reduces load on WordPress server
  • Increased security as all sensitive information is saved on SureCart’s server
  • Scaling is easier as the business grows
  • As the data are not saved on the WordPress database, you don’t need to worry about optimizing your database or increase of database storage.
  • Bloat-free eCommerce system.
  • Less likely to have plugin conflict or caching issue.

Although it has tons of benefits that doesn’t mean the plugins don’t have any drawbacks. The major disadvantages are:

  • The data including customer details, transactions, etc. are all hosted on SureCart’s server. It might be secured from hackers but the major issue is that you will fully depend on SureCart to run your store. If SureCart’s server is down you cannot run your store.

Is Surecart the WooCommerce Alternative?

Basically, it depends on what you are selling. If you sell physical items you might still use the WooCommerce plugin but if you are selling digital items SureCart is the plugin that you need. However, options to sell physical products are expected to come later in future updates. So, what can Surecart be used for:

  • to sell digital products like files, templates, or courses.
  • to receive payments for their invoices by a company, or freelance developer.
  • to sell event tickets.
  • to receive donations.

How much does SureCart cost?

SureCart is free to use and hasn’t been fully available for use. It is still in beta version and is expected to lunch the full version soon. Although the eCommerce platform is free, it will also have paid version with more advanced features. The latest version of this plugin can be downloaded here.

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